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Nouveau Niveau welcomes Abigail Bailey

February 20 2008
Abby has been co-producing an EP with a guy called Matt Samuels under the name UZ2 - so look out for that. In addition she has been singing on many new tracks, co-writing and guest vocalising on some corkers for this year. Producers including Funk Agenda, Exacta and MYNC,  
The lovely Tom Novy, Whelan and Di Scala, Jason Herd, Agent Gregg, Danny Dove and Steve Smart (Kiss FM) and the fab Jon Fitz , with whom I'm also working on a special acoustic album project for launch this year too. And many more. She can't wait for all the projects to come out. Really some are typical of the Abigail Bailey that everyone knows, and others are not what you would expect at all. She will be keeping all you guys on your toes.